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For over 50 years, Job One’s Packaging & Assembly facility has been providing job opportunities in a safe, sheltered workshop environment. Individuals with disabilities are supported by experienced management teams that continually provide professional training, development and supervision to help employees thrive and deliver top-quality, competitive production services for our commercial customers.


Job One Production Services include:
  • Packaging and Assembly

  • Kitting

  • Packaging and Repackaging

  • Bagging and Sealing

  • Heat Sealing and Tunnel shrink wrap

  • Labeling

  • Mailers

  • Collating and Sorting

  • Order Fulfillment

  • Detailed handwork

  • Inspection and Quality Control

  • Shipping and Receiving

  • Warehouse and Distribution


Have a custom project? We can help. Call us at 816.796.7070 or complete our quote form here and a member of the Job One team will respond shortly.

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